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 I have been asked by many parents in the past if we offer a junior tennis academy so their children could continue to build on the momentum they had built at camp. I have hesitated to run a comprehensive junior program in the past for various reasons. I have decided to start a junior program this fall. I have always felt that juniors in the surrounding area need a junior program that will help them elevate their games to the next level. I have always felt that junior’s in this area are at a major disadvantage because of the lack of quality instruction. My goal is to provide a junior program that will prepare our juniors to compete and be successful at the high school and USTA level.






The junior clinics will run on Saturdays for two hours. The first hour will dedicated to stroke development. The second hour will focus on drills, point construction, and sets.


Parents will have 2 payment options.

-          Pay as you go: 60.00(2hours) a class, pay at the start of class.

-          Pay for a 4 class package: 200.00 (8 hours). Parents will be able to pay online

Emory University
Woodruff PE Center
26 Eagle Row

Atlanta, GA 30322

-          Classes will meet on the outside courts next to the Woodruff PE Center

-          Classes will meet on the indoor courts on the 4th floor of the Woodruff PE Center, if we have inclement weather.


How to register:  Please go to the top right of the page and click the register button. Please email me at , if you have any questions.


2017 Class Schedule: SATURDAY MORNINGS : 11:00am-1:00pm
Session 1: August 26, September 2, 9, 16
Session 2: September 23, 30, October 7,14
Session 3: October 21, 28, November 4,11
Session 4: November 18, December 2,9,16



Class description:


1.       Our focus will be to instill a technical foundation for each player so they continue to improve and find more success on the court. Current proper technical development is a pain-staking process, but is the only true way to maximize a player’s ability.


2.       Video analysis will be used for every junior that joins the program. I have found that most students are visual learners and when they are able to see it on video, they are better equipped to make the necessary changes.


3.       I have had players in the past who have developed a solid foundation and should be more successful on the court, unfortunately, their poor fitness lever has contributed to inconsistent and frustrating results. Players that are not physically prepared are more apt to mentally lose focus which leads mental mistakes.


4.       Our junior tennis program will also teach players how to properly construct points. I have watched our campers play many sets during the summer and one of the biggest issues they face is shot selection.   Most of the juniors that pass through our camps do not have a plan when they step on the court. Our junior will learn how to properly construct points which will lead to more success on the court


5.       Lastly, we will focus on how to mentally compete during the course of the matches. I have asked juniors this one simple question, “how important is the mental game in tennis and what percentage would you give it to your overall success?”  The answers I get from juniors is that it’s 90% of the game. My reply is how much do you work on it? Junior’s rarely ever address this area of the game and until they do, the same results will keep happening. We will give each junior a plan on how to mentally compete, so they are able to stay focused and positive for longer periods of time.

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